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10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Child

Parents aren’t perfect, and we all wish we could take back some things we’ve said to our kids in the heat of the moment. But there are some things you should absolutely NOT say to a child with ADHD — no matter how angry you get.

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The Most Hurtful Comments

People say some pretty insensitive things. ADHD myths and misinformation don't help. People blame us or our kids for behaviors controlled by the condition, and we know it's wrong. But sometimes frustrating behaviors can push even the most loving parents to say things we quickly regret. Here, our readers shared some of the words that should never be used to discipline an child with ADHD — no matter what.

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'You're Stupid.'

"Are you really that stupid/lazy/crazy? Stop being so lazy! You know what you're doing! How many times do I have to show you? Etc. etc. etc." – Renae

"Stupid, dumb, retarded anything that attacks them personally. 'Always' is a word I try to avoid. I try my best, but we have an understanding that, just like my son gets overwhelmed, sometimes mom does, too. We use my mistakes as learning tools." – Kathy

Low self-esteem and shame impact many children with ADHD who spend their school days struggling to fit a round peg into a square hole. Boost your child's confidence with these tips.

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