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8 Reasons Kids Might Read Slowly

Reading is a process that involves a lot of skills. So, when kids read more slowly than other kids their age but do well in other areas, there are many possible reasons. It doesn’t always mean they have trouble with reading, and it’s not that they’re not as smart as other kids. But sometimes kids who read slowly need extra help with one aspect of reading or another.

Here are eight common reasons kids read slowly:

  1. They’re trying out new reading strategies. Once kids have learned the basics of reading, the focus turns to understanding what they read. Especially in fourth and fifth grade, teachers give kids a lot of strategies to use. Some kids appear to be reading more slowly because they’re practicing what they’re being taught.

  2. They want to think more about what they’re reading. Some kids like to read more slowly because they’re thinking about what they’re reading. Kids with active imaginations or who are very curious can read more slowly than others. But they tend to understand what they read at a high level...STEPS 3 - 8 HERE

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