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Are You CoronaSchooling? Daily Schedule Advice for ADHD Families

A daily schedule comforts and guides children with ADHD through uncertain times — namely, the coronavirus outbreak of 2020. Use this expert advice to keep your child happily learning and achieving goals while also social distancing and working from home and banding together as a family.

The coronavirus outbreak is changing our lives by the moment, but one constant is true: You’re unsure how to manage several weeks of closed schools and social isolation with your children, who happen to have ADHD.

The big questions are: What can you do to set up a family plan that fosters more cooperation and less arguing during this unsettled time of COVID-19? How can you devise a plan that you can actually follow and your kids will buy into? We know that kids with ADHD benefit from structure, but what can you realistically pull off? Here is some helpful advice to get you started.

Carve Out Chunks of Time

Break the day into chunks that include periods for learning, chores, activities, your own work-from-home responsibilities, and personal breaks from each other. Instead of using punishments or threats to force your kids to cooperate, focus on using earned privileges because incentives motivate kids with ADHD best.

Focus on Big Goals and Forget the Small Stuff

Before you start learning at home, think about what you want for each day and what will help you stay as calm as possible. If you are dysregulated, then your kids will be too. Consider what they have to get done for school and chores, what assists them in working on those tasks and how many breaks they’ll need...CONTINUE READING

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