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Easily Distracted? How to Tune Out Distractions & Focus on School

Children with ADHD experience a lower level of brain arousal, which means they are easily distracted by internal and external stimuli. Use these school and home strategies to improve focus and comprehension.

The problem: “My child is easily distracted; he doesn’t focus and listen.”

Not focused on learning? Easily distracted at school and during homework? A student with attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD) might not seem to be listening or paying attention to class material. He may be daydreaming, looking out the window, or focused on irrelevant noises or other stimuli. As a result, he misses lessons, instructions, and directions.

The reason: ADHD is not just an inability to pay attention — it’s an inability to control attention. Children with ADHD have a lower level of brain arousal, which in turn decreases their ability to screen out distractions like noise in the hallway, movement outside, or even their own inner thoughts and feelings. Children with ADHD have an especially hard time tuning out distractions when an activity is not sufficiently stimulating. They lose focus easily...FULL ARTICLE HERE

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