Kids Bouncing Off the Walls? These Boredom Busters Fill Time Gaps with Activity

Many ADHD experts swear by the Pomodoro Technique for time management, which organizes the day into 25-minute increments separated by 5 minutes of activity and blood flow, plus a few larger gaps in the day. Use these recommended boredom busters to keep your child moving during their 5-, 15-, and 30-minute breaks while learning at home.

Q: “My first-grader’s mind and body are voracious. Her energy and creativity are non-stop. It’s tough to keep her focused and busy — without meltdowns or disastrous messes — while she is home from school. By dinner time, her most challenging ‘wild evening hours’ are underway and I’m wiped out. How can I keep my young child motivated and productive, while providing healthy activities in between her assignments that don’t cause a backlash like screen time so often does.”

A: In the torrent of homeschooling resources flooding our feeds over the last week, we noticed a great collection of 5-, 10-, and 15-minute activity ideas compiled by the F.D. Titus Elementary School in Warrington, Penn. — a public school in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Below, we have augmented that list with additional suggestions from educators and ADHD experts who understand how movement can spur greater focus and learning.



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