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Q: How Can I Counteract My Son’s Apathy and Inspire His Motivation?

How can I motivate a very bright teenager who seems incapable of getting started on tasks or projects that aren’t personally interesting? Here, our Dear Teen Parenting Coach explains how to spark motivation in the teen ADHD brain, how boosting your teen’s confidence in some areas transfers to others, and how to keep momentum going all the way to completion.

Q: “Hello, I am the mother of a very bright teen with ADHD who has NO motivation at all… and who says to me, ‘I have no idea how to get motivated when it is things I am not interested in.’ I have not found any strategies that help and my husband and many teachers think he is just “lazy.” I do not want to make excuses for him; I want to help him help himself and I don’t know how.” —YoYo Mom

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