Q: Why Does My Teen Blame Everyone But Himself?

Sometimes, when teens face challenges they feel unequipped to meet, they disengage. That may mean cutting class, forfeiting assignments, or “forgetting” to study. If your teen seems not to care about school and blames everyone else for his failures, heed this practical advice for balancing support with consequences.

Q: “My son does not take responsibility for his decisions; everything is someone else’s fault and he blames others. His teachers have pretty much given up on him because when he knows that he needs to put in the time and effort to do well in school, he says he will do his work, but then he doesn’t do it and comes up with excuses. He has an IEP, but he doesn’t show that he’s interested in doing well enough in school for it to help him. At home, we fight constantly about chores — he wants to do them when he wants and not by following the schedule. We’ve tried everything and nothing seems to be working. Thoughts?” — AtWitsEnd


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