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Suddenly Homeschooling? How to Guide Learning at Home

Teaching with Tech: How iPads and Tablets Can Help Your Child Learn

Screen time is a touchy subject for a lot of families, but that doesn’t mean technology is all bad. In fact, when it comes to reinforcing classroom learning, iPads and other tablet computers work wonders for students with ADHD.

Meredith Soddy was considering buying an iPad. Its portability, speed, and simple interface were all in its favor. It was the idea of sharing the tablet computer with her six-year-old daughter, Amanda, that finally moved her to make the purchase. Though they’ve had the tablet for only a few months, Amanda has already benefited from the educational apps on her mother’s iPad.

“The tablet reinforces what she’s learned in school, and allows her to apply it in a different setting,” says Soddy, an administrative assistant in Wyoming, Michigan. “She’s learning but doesn’t even know it.”...FULL ARTICLE

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