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What is Dyslexia? Common Symptoms in Children

Dyslexia in children is common, but commonly misunderstood. This learning disability includes symptoms like trouble with reading, pronouncing words, and punctuation. Here, get an age-by-age breakdown of dyslexic signs and symptoms in kids.

Dyslexia is a learning disability that is defined by difficulties in learning to read and spell —  difficulties that can’t be explained by lack of education, poor eyesight, or lowered mental capacity. A dyslexic child can learn to read and write, but will often do with difficulty, struggling to develop fluency and the effortless reading and writing patterns that those without the condition take for granted.

As dyslexia is a lifelong condition, symptoms manifest somewhat differently through the years as situations and environments change. Problems a dyslexic child experiences in elementary school, for example, may not be the same he or she will experience in high school. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

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